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Lafcadio Hearn Reading Performance by Shiro Sano & Kyoji Yamamoto “Nostalgia: The Eternal Home of the Spirit” at Corfu Museum of Asian Art

date: Monday, July 7, 2014
venue: Corfu Museum of Asian Art, Corfu

This reading performance first started in 2006 by Shiro Sano, an actor born in Matsue. Later, Kyoji Yamamoto, a world-famous guitarist, also from Matsue joined this performance. The combination of recitation by Sano and music by Yamamoto has created a unique atmosphere that expresses the world of Hearn’s “Kwaidan.” Based on its theme, Sano chooses the story to be recited based on a theme and writes the script, and Yamamoto adds mystic guitar music. This collaboration has successfully elevated the ‘recitation’ to the realm of art.

Seiwa Bunraku “Yuki-Onna”

date: Sunday, July 6, 2014
venue: Open Theatre, Lefkas Cultural Center, Lefkada

Seiwa Bunraku is a puppet play (Ningyo Jyoruri) which continues for more than 150 years in Seiwa Village, Kumamoto. It’s the villagers who have carried on this performance. The original costumes and heads of the dolls are kept in “Bunrakukan” building in the village. This traditional performance is played as many as 260 times a year. “Yuki-Onna” was added to the repertoire as Lafcadio Hearn, the original writer of the story, stayed in Kumamoto for almost 3 years. The script for “Yuki-Onna”, however, was written by Kazutoshi Hando.