Lafcadio Hearn Reading Performance by Shiro Sano & Kyoji Yamamoto “Nostalgia: The Eternal Home of the Spirit” at Lefkas Cultural Center

date: Saturday, July 5, 2014
venue: Open Theatre, Lefkas Cultural Center, Lefkada

This reading performance first started in 2006 by Shiro Sano, an actor born in Matsue. Later, Kyoji Yamamoto, a world-famous guitarist, also from Matsue joined this performance. The combination of recitation by Sano and music by Yamamoto has created a unique atmosphere that expresses the world of Hearn’s “Kwaidan.” Based on its theme, Sano chooses the story to be recited based on a theme and writes the script, and Yamamoto adds mystic guitar music. This collaboration has successfully elevated the ‘recitation’ to the realm of art.

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